TECCOF GRUP, since its establishment in 2011, has emerged as one of Turkey's most reliable dealers of Automotive, Truck, Trailer, and Bus Spare Parts. This is a commendable success by any standard in this highly technical and competitive industry.

Located in the Bursa region, Teccof Group supplies a wide range of spare parts, including Engine Parts, Gearbox Parts, Transmission Parts, Brake Parts, Suspension Parts, Axle Parts, Electrical Component Parts, Body Parts, and an extensive range of accessory parts, all in line with the highly competitive and healthy demands of the trade. The constantly expanding range of spare parts, in parallel with market demands, has managed to increase customer satisfaction, reaching 250 OEM supplier factories and 70,000 spare parts.

Teccof Group holds commercial relationships with various regions of the world. We prioritize as a supplier by carefully selecting the requested Automotive spare parts, preparing them in a timely manner, and exporting them on time from factories that produce under OEM standards, possess necessary quality certificates, and undergo meticulous inspections and testing.

With many brands that provide long-term and reliable business opportunities, we offer our customers original quality and competitive aftermarket spare parts. The use of original equipment is essential for long-term driving satisfaction, emphasizing safety, durability, and quality.


Clutch kits, flywheels, Kit 4P, pressure plate cover assembly, clutch disc and bearings, hydraulic bearings


Oil/ water/ turbo radiators, water pumps, fan systems, heat sensors, EGR valve and coolers


Light/ horn/ turn signal switch, relay, flasher, driving assistance


Injectors, sensors and actuators, ignition coil and modules, ignition and spark plugs, fuel pumps


Brake discs, brake pads, shoe brake linings, hydraulic components


Main and dipped headlamps, signal stop lamps, light bulb range


Starter lock, tank cap and locks

Wiper Systems

Wiper blades, wiper motors

Electrical Systems

Alternators, starters and their components

Climate Control Systems

Cabin heating/ cooling modules, parts and cabin air filters


Cabin & Bodywork


Cooling & Air

Transmission Parts

Electrical System


Engine Exhaust System

Engine Intake System

Engine Cooling System

Engine Control System

Engine Mounting System

Engine Lubrication System

Engine Fuel System

Rear and Front Axle

Fuel, Transmission

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and

Air Conditioning)

Rear Axle

Rear and Front Suspension

Driveshaft, and so on. These

encompass all types of